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4MATION is a youth-led campaign creating solutions and demanding policymakers take urgent action to address violence in the U.K.  4MATION Campaign is a united voice made up of young people affected by violence, representing different communities and youth organisations.

The time has come, to GET IN 4MATION

As young people, our voices have been silenced for too long. How many more young people will be murdered before we are listened to? Why are we more likely to be victims but less likely to be heard? We are changing the narrative, finding solutions and demanding change.  

This campaign will make sure young people are at the forefront of the issues that affect us, ensuring that communities are able to hold decision makers to account. Young people are in a unique position to make an impact and reduce violence in our communities. Now is the time to unite, formulate clear demands, and save the next generation. 

What have we done so far?

Our launch event in July 2018, gathered 80 young people from London and Manchester, in the Houses of Parliament to discuss solutions to youth violence. We've since held strategy events at the Home Office and the Royal College of Nursing. We've delivered emergency first aid training, media interaction training, self care training and collaborated with young activists that are campaigning to build peace in New York and Chicago.

What's next?

Summer 2019

We are planning our next training event for young people from London and Manchester. To sign up or find out more information, please email: info@4mationcampain.uk

Autumn 2019

We recognise the emotional strain and challenges of campaigning, particularly for young people with lived experience. Systemic injustices such as racism have an immeasurable negative impact on the mental health of young people. We believe that young people must be equipped and supported to create change in their own lives in order to create change in their communities and wider society. Our work prioritises emotional wellbeing and self-care. We’ll establish the 4MATION Peace Fellowship, a two year programme to build the capacity of campaigners. Our approach will centralise the role of peer emotional support for activists with lived experience.