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Al Jazeera 'Generation Change' statement

Our Director, Temi Mwale, appeared in an Al Jazeera piece Generation Change, aired on Sunday 25th July and now online. The programme highlights some of the work we do at 4Front and includes a discussion between Temi and Athian Akec, a youth activist, about social and racial injustice, youth violence, healing and young people’s contribution to changing history.

Selected clips from the programme can be found on our Instagram. The original piece that was broadcast contained distressing imagery which we did not want to spread or be associated with. This includes a number of fatal violent attacks, as well as video of the Grenfell fire.

We want to apologise to our followers and those in our community for having 4Front associated with this incredibly distressing imagery in the first broadcast. Its inclusion was entirely unnecessary and painful. We have raised our concerns with the programme's producers and they have promptly edited the piece to remove this material. The programme also now begins with its own content note.

We understand how being subjected to these images can deeply impact people’s mental health, particularly for those affected by these and similar types of violence. Much of our work at 4Front is about healing. Indeed, this is some of what we tried to put across in the piece. We hope that now our advocacy has led to these images being removed, the programme's key message of healing, change and hope is better represented.

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