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At The 4FRONT: 03.06.2021

It is with deep sadness and regrets that we inform you that a young man was tragically killed in our community on Monday. This happened in one of our local parks whilst hundreds of children, young people and families were enjoying the sun. This week, we have been reflecting on the huge impact that violence has on entire communities. What do communities need most when exposed to such serious violence, trauma and loss? Whilst young people are killed all too frequently in our city; urgent and essential support for those affected is still not widely available. At this time, we would ask you to please keep his family, friends and our whole community in your thoughts and hearts.

Wishing you all peace and healing,

The 4Front Project Team



Life At The 4Front

Part 2 of the #LifeAtThe4Front series is now live. In this week’s episode, you can hear from Temi, Abshir, Maia and Chris, who all share what motivates them to be a part of the transformative and visionary work 4Front does every day. They talk about their passions as well as their favourite parts of their roles and more. Press play to hear about #LifeAtThe4Front.



Policing by Consent

By Mediocre Dave:

For almost 200 years, ‘policing by consent’ has been the central philosophy around which policing in Britain is organised. This means that the police base their legitimacy on having the confidence of the public, rather than imposing order through sheer force alone. And yet for those used to witnessing police violence, and to having police power enforced against them, it can be hard to believe that their consent matters. Read more…



Racism, Mental Health and Pre-Crime Policing Report

We’re spotlighting Racism, Mental Health and Pre-Crime Policing - a new report by Medact which exposes major ethical concerns around a secretive counterterrorism police-led mental health project. The report reveals that “Vulnerability Support Hubs”, which are run by the UK’s counter-terrorism police, often contribute to false and racist pre-crime security fears and influence the treatment people recieve. The concerns raised in this report include racism, stigma, securitisation, pathologisation, coercion, lack of transparency and lack of scrutiny. You can read the detailed report here.


End Solitary Confinement

We’re spotlighting End Solitary Confinement - a new campaign that is fighting for the abolition of solitary confinement - a form of torture that is used throughout prisons, psychiatric and immigration detention across the United Kingdom. Last week, they launched their new website which shares educational resources on the issue and provides more information on how to get involved in the campaign. Find out more here.

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