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At The 4FRONT: 17.06.2021

This week, we have been reflecting on the tragic deaths of the Grenfell Tower victims. Four years ago, a fire broke out on 14 June which spread rapidly and killed 72 Grenfell residents. For months and weeks after this atrocity, we heard of how systemic neglect, cost-cutting and ignoring residents led to the fire, particularly to the highly flammable cladding which covered the building. 1,467 days on, there is still no justice for Grenfell and many who live, work and or attend school in buildings with the same lethal cladding are still not safe. We send our love to all those affected by this horrific fire and the state neglect that preceded the fire and has continued in its aftermath. We continue to remember those who lost their lives and to fight for a future where no one feels unsafe in their home.

Peace and love,

The 4Front Project Team



4FRONT Sign Joint Statement with Palestine in School

This week, we signed a joint statement in support of young people campaigning in solidarity with Palestine in their schools. Signatories include Palestine in School, Black Protest Legal Support UK, Kids of Colour, No More Exclusions and many more groups and organisations. Recently, students have showcased immense courage and support by standing in solidarity with the Palestinians’ movement for freedom. Some educational institutions have responded by sanctioning young people who have spoken up for Palestine. The statement calls for the right's of young people to protest to be protected, and for the government to abandon its repressive and censorious approach. Read the statement here.



On Sunday, Emmanuel appeared as a guest on BBC #1XtraTalks to discuss the issues explored on Wretch 32’s new album, Little BIG man, including incarceration, poverty and youth violence. Emmanuel highlighted that we can’t separate youth violence from state violence and stated “We have a government that focuses on punitive approaches, violent approaches - not tackling the root causes.” He also made clear that issues like the school to prison pipeline and joint enterprise are destroying young people’s lives and having a huge impact on our communities. You can listen to the show here.



BLM and Education: are we any closer to a school system that works for all?

By Sophia Purdy-Moore:

During Black Lives Matter protests, students raised longstanding concerns about a school curriculum that fails to reflect the world we live in. Under mounting pressure, the Welsh government announced that Black history will become mandatory in Welsh schools from 2022. But while calls to make England’s National Curriculum more inclusive have gained widespread support, the government has not taken steps to make this a reality. In many cases, politicians have actually pushed back. Read more... [via Runnynede Trust]



We’re spotlighting - an organisation that has produced a comprehensive web resource where organisers can find everything they need for local campaigns to defund police in one place. Based in the USA, have provided an ample amount of tools to calculate the cost of police, and of community strategies, in local areas. Relevant to the UK, these resources can help people to practically take steps and envision what defunding the police and investing in communities can look like. Gain access to these resources here.


No Police in Greater Manchester Schools Petition

We’re spotlighting a new petition launched by Kids of Colour and Northern Police Monitoring Project as part of the No Police in Schools campaign. The two organisations are working to resist policing within schools and highlighting that this dangerous and harmful practice severely affects young people. The campaign is petitioning Greater Manchester Combined Authority to halt plans for more police officers to be placed in schools. They are also calling for the removal of already existing police officers in schools, covering some of the harms that this merging of education with criminal justice can cause. You can sign the petition here.

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