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At The 4FRONT: 22.07.2021

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

This week, as Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, we have been reflecting on the impact that coronavirus has had on us all. Whilst many celebrated ‘Freedom Day’, we were thinking about the many ways we remain unable to experience freedom. The intensified criminalisation heralded by the pandemic continues, as does the spread of the virus itself. More than ever, it is crucial to remember those who remain vulnerable to Covid-19 and those who are excluded from the forms of ‘freedom’ we are being invited to celebrate. We must all continue to reflect on just how inter-connected we all are and we must remain committed to ensuring the safety of ourselves, each other, our communities and whole society.

Peace and Love,

The 4Front Project Team



4FRONT join the Act for Change Together Festival

Next week, 4FRONT will join the Act for Change Together Festival, a series of exciting online events that will showcase the worth and power of young people making meaningful change. The festival, which runs from 26th - 31st July, comes out of the combined drive and passion of 32 organisations across the UK, supported by Act for Change Fund, that believe young people are the future and have the power to lead change. 4FRONT's contribution to the festival will take place on Thursday 29th July at 5pm. You can book tickets to the festival here.



Joint enterprise, racism and BME communities

By Liz Fekete featuring Gloria Morrison:

Joint enterprise is a sledgehammer in the hands of the police and the CPS when it comes to fighting ‘gangs’. The whole widening of the application of the law in recent years is totally linked to the police’s approach to knife crimes. Now anyone, who has a modicum of understanding about the reality of young people’s lives, knows that the joint enterprise laws do not deter young kids from carrying knives. But instead of having a real debate as to why young men, in particular, feel unsafe on the streets, we have all stood by while the police misuse the law to scoop up young people at the scene of knife crimes. Read more... [via Institute of Race Relations]



Da’aro Youth Project

We're spotlighting Da’aro Youth Project - a community-led organisation supporting young asylum-seekers and refugees from the Horn of Africa. Their research has identified that at least 11 teenagers have died by suicide in the last 5 years. All of these children and young people were either children in care or care-leavers at the time of their deaths. This week, they have launched the #11TooMany campaign and have formally written to the Government demanding an inquiry. The Government urgently needs to investigate the matter and take steps to protect the well-being and safety of these vulnerable young people in the future. Da’aro Youth will continue to fight for justice and safety for vulnerable asylum-seeking children in memory of those who have taken their lives. Please support their campaign.


Community Testimony Day: The impact of Covid-19 policing

We’re spotlighting Co-POWeR, a research project consortium focused on researching wellbeing and resilience in Black, Asian and minoritised communities and families. This Sunday 25th July, they will host a Community Testimony Day, where they'll be collecting testimonies and views on the policing of emergency powers during the pandemic. Co-POWeR aims to provide evidenced recommendations to enable official mitigation of disproportionate damage to wellbeing and resilience experienced in our families and communities. If you want to share your views and/or experiences of policing under Covid-19, you can find out more about the event here.

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