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At The 4FRONT: 24.06.2021

This week, as we prepare to launch a fuller offering for our members, we have been reflecting on service. What does it mean to be of service? How can service and care be centred in approaches to build community and empower young people? At 4Front, we are teaching our members the importance of being of service - to the community and each other. Service is an integral value and a powerful tool which can transform our sense of self through providing purpose. We are excited to be able to offer new opportunities for our members which will further their growth and development in the coming weeks.

Strength and love,

The 4Front Project Team



Good Luck Andre

This week, 4FRONT will be saying goodbye to our Head of Youth Development, Andre Wallace-Loizou. We are proud to share that he is embarking on a new path to become a clinical psychologist. We are excited because we know that his therapeutic practice will encompass our shared values of justice, peace and freedom - which will only serve to strengthen the profession. Over the last few years, Andre has played an integral role in building 4FRONT. He supported the development and delivery of the 4WARD programme - an intergenerational programme to empower Black men on probation to explore their identity, history, purpose and more. He took lead in delivering our first ever Youth Activism Fellowship programme - a paid training opportunity for 4Front members to explore activism, leadership and become equipped with the tools to create change in our communities. More recently, Andre has shaped the development and delivery of our new creative provision - which offers creative mentoring, music studio recording sessions, music masterclasses and Arts Award qualifications. Andre has had an enormous impact on our 4FRONT community - our members, our staff team and our vision for the future. We will all miss him dearly. Please join us in wishing him good luck in his next chapter.


4FRONT x Free Books Campaign

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Free Books Campaign - a community interest company aiming to provide books by authors of colour to disenfranchised communities. They recently shared a huge box of books with 4FRONT. We understand the importance of knowledge-building and storytelling to strengthen our community. These books will allow 4FRONT members and staff to further our learning and develop and build on our community education practices. You can support the Free Books Campaign here.



Youth Justice Legal Centre

This week, we’re spotlighting Youth Justice Legal Centre - an organisation aimed at providing legally accurate information, guidance and training on youth justice law. Today, they are launching a new legal guide on Criminal Practice Directions which is intended to assist lawyers representing children in the criminal courts - explaining how the Criminal Practice Directions can support in this context. You can attend the launch seminar from 3.00pm - 4.30pm today by booking a ticket here.


United Friends and Families Campaign

We’re spotlighting United Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC) - a coalition of families and those affected by deaths in UK police, prison, immigration and psychiatric custody. This weekend, Ultraviolence, a new film by Migrant Media which documents UFFC families’ struggle for justice in the UK over the last 19 years, will premiere at the BFI. The documentary brings to light the reality of their loss, and their ability to maintain hope for justice despite repeated failures and blocks from the coronial system. You can watch the trailer here and book tickets to the screenings here.

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