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HIRING: Creative Support Worker

We are looking for an engaging and inspiring Creative Support Worker to provide outstanding support to 4Front members. You love creating safe and supportive spaces for people to explore their challenging life experiences. You are excited about challenging people to think critically about themselves, their communities and society and you enjoy supporting people to explore and build their identity. You care deeply about people and are willing to go the extra mile. You are skilled at creating space to express emotion and you can effectively hold emotion for others. You are not afraid to bear witness to people’s pain and you have a contagious positive energy that uplifts people. You understand the emotional impact of injustice and inequity on marginalised young people and are committed to helping them make sense of their emotions. You are dedicated to developing a thorough understanding of social injustice and actively addressing it. You are comfortable with conflict and have proven experience of managing difficult situations to successful resolutions. You see courage in vulnerability and believe in building the resilience of young people. Most importantly, you are committed to peace and you fundamentally believe in the potential to change, both at an individual and societal level. You will be a visionary leader, seeing your work at The 4Front Project as a crucial part of your identity and purpose in life. You will be committed to upholding our vision, mission, principles and values at all times. You will be bold, actively contributing to a workplace culture that centres justice, healing, change and hope. You will play a fundamental role in supporting 4Front members to transform their own lives whilst amplifying their voices to effect systemic change.

4FRONT Creative Support Worker JD 4FP206
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