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  • Sara Chitseko

Should Drill music be banned?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Skengdo x AM in Parliament discussing Drill music

This month, rap duo, Krept and Konan joined Drill artists, Skengdo and AM at Parliament to debate the potential banning of Drill music. Earlier this year, Skengdo and AM received 9 month prison sentences, suspended for 2 years. This is the first time in British legal history that sentences have been issued for performing a song and the decision has brought the debate of censorship and the criminalisation of Black music artists in particular, into public consciousness.

Speaking at Westminster, Krept explained that, “There was violence before Drill. If we stop Drill right now, is it going to end? Drill is being used as a scapegoat. We need to tackle the situation with alternative routes. We need support. We need to invest in our communities. Invest in things that will help these young kids, teach them new things, how to do other things. Stopping them from doing things they like, when music is a way out, is not going to help the situation.”

Krept (left), Konan (right) and Rapman (middle) on set for the music video 'Ban Drill'

Krept's comment concisely articulates the way in which Drill music and the majority Black artists that create it are being scapegoated by the government. Policy makers are choosing to curtail and censor Black freedom of expression, rather than addressing the root causes and social problems which allow violence to manifest.

Krept and Konan have recently released a short film - 'Ban Drill,' in which they further explore how Drill can provide an escape from violence for many young people. They have also released a petition in which they are demanding the Crown Prosecution Service stop the police from being able to ban Drill music by using the Serious Crime Act to prosecute artists. To find out more and to sign the petition click here.


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