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  • Sara Chitseko

The Fight Continues!

The result of Thursday's election will clearly have a devastating impact for our communities. The last decade of austerity has seen a significant rise in serious youth violence, yet there is still little effort to understand violence and its root causes. Boris Johnson's majority win has set the stage for a more punitive approach to justice. We expect to see further cuts to our education system, youth services and the decimation of our NHS. What is clear, is that over the next five years, life will become much harder.

At The 4Front Project, we are preparing to ramp up our fight. We must remember that past movements for change have always began with communities. We must remember that it is within our communities now, that power lies. As we head into 2020, we ask that you join us in our fight and support our work to create meaningful, youth-led change.

To donate, click here, or if you can support us in any other way, be it volunteering your time, delivering a workshop, or providing an opportunity for our young people, please do not hesitate to get in touch at: info@4frontproject.org