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We're Hiring! Community Organiser

The Community Organiser will join 4Front’s Build Power Team, which is responsible for empowering people to take action to eradicate systemic harm and violence. The Community Organiser will lead on creating spaces for youth, communities, collectives and movements to mobilise together. This will include supporting the emergence, growth and collective leadership of a coalition of a broad base of organisations with a focus on building community responses to harm aligned with transformative justice principles. The Community Organiser will support the coalition, youth, communities, collectives and movements to:

  • Imagine new possibilities for our collective future

  • Feel more hopeful about the potential for systemic change

  • Take action for systemic change

  • Feel inspired to take action to build community responses to harm

  • Deepen personal connections

  • Deepen organisational connections

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of young people from the ends

  • Document the impact of criminalisation on the lives of racialised youth and build a framework to repair this harm.

Deadline: 17th Jul 2023 5pm

Download the application pack:

4FRONT Community Organiser
Download PDF • 2.21MB

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