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We're Hiring! Community Peacebuilder

The Community Peacebuilder will join 4Front’s Build Peace Team, which is responsible for

implementing 4Front’s grassroots Community Peacebuilding System - an empowering community response to systemic violence, injustice and harm. The Community Peacebuilder will work across several projects within the Community Peacebuilding System. This role will support 4Front members + the community to:

  • Imagine new possibilities for their future

  • Experience more dignity and belonging

  • Feel safer

  • Feel connected

  • Feel supported

  • Start or move forward in their healing journey

  • Have a stronger support network

  • Learn new tools to cope

  • Learn new tools to resolve conflict

  • Deepen understanding of self

  • Increase confidence in self-advocacy

  • Experience better outcomes

Deadline: 17th Jul 2023 5pm

Download the application pack:

4FRONT Community Peacebuilder
Download PDF • 2.21MB

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