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 We centre healing and practise transformative justice whilst directly challenging the UK’s addiction to criminalisation, policing and prisons. Our 4Front members are supported to create change in their own lives, whilst their voices are uplifted to create change in the system. 

We build peace.

We provide emergency harm reduction and immediate aftercare responses to serious violence, mental ill health, criminal legal system contact and other crises. We create safe therapeutic spaces to heal from trauma and cope with loss and grief. We provide access to specialist advocacy support to deal with a range of systemic barriers. We facilitate personal development journeys to build a stronger sense of identity.

We respond to harm with our grassroots Community Peacebuilding System. 

We build knowledge.

We create opportunities for people to reimagine peace and justice and learn about how we can move from harm to healing. We focus on community healing, transformative justice, and youth leadership.

We educate people on harm and responses to harm.

We build power.

We focus on how we can collectively move from harm to healing - creating spaces for youth, communities, collectives and movements to mobilise together. We document the impact of criminalisation on the lives of racialised youth and we are building a framework to repair this harm.

We empower people to take action to eradicate systemic harm and violence.

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