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How we fight.

For justice.

  • Exposing structural injustice

  • Mobilising those most affected by injustice

  • Building transformative justice practices

For peace.

  • Supporting members to heal and promoting radical self care

  • Building community accountability

  • Advocating for approaches that increase safety

For freedom.

  • Building pride in our cultural identity

  • Creating space to envision freedom

  • Providing anti oppression and liberation education

Our Principles.

  • Trauma Informed

  • Racially Equitable

  • Identity Focussed

  • Youth Led

  • Community Based

  • Globally Connected

How we serve our members.

1:1 Support.

We work in collaboration with members to identify goals in order to work towards personal transformation. We help members to process trauma, grief and stress in response to a variety of experiences, including violence, bereavement, arrest or imprisonment. We also assist members to develop creative tools to express their experiences. Our support contributes to increased self-empowerment, strengthened sense of identity and resilience. We provide 1:1 support to our members in the community, in educational settings and in criminal justice settings, including in police stations following arrest, in courts and in prisons.


  • Emotional Support

  • Creative Support

  • Leadership Support

Group Support.

We work with groups of members to build their sense of collective identity, healing and resilience. At a group level, we focus on supporting our members to express their emotions, we provide conflict mediation, bereavement support and enable our groups to develop coping strategies and build resilience. Through our group workshops we provide learning opportunities for members to explore issues that affect them, develop new skills through our creative masterclasses and learn about their history. The 4Front Boxing Club focusses on improving members' health and wellbeing.

  • Emotional Support

  • Workshops

  • Boxing Club


We provide members with a range of training opportunities to build their skills and confidence. Our Community Response training increases the capacity of young people affected by violence and the criminal justice system to provide support in their communities and take action. This includes mental health first aid, emergency first aid, community mobilisation, media interaction, self-care and transformative justice practices. Our members have learnt how to deliver a series of workshops & trainings. They have mobilised other young people by leading events in the community, the Houses of Parliament, the Home Office and the Royal College of Nursing. 

  • Community Response Training

  • Peer Facilitation Training

  • Youth Activism Fellowship


We support our members and their families to understand processes and their rights. Our advocacy has increased professional awareness of our members' needs in multiple scenarios, increasing accountability and securing better outcomes. We act as appropriate adults in the police station, monitor interactions and encounters with the police, support members to arrange legal representation, improve communication between members and their lawyers and provide representation for members in court through testimony and written support. We provide important context to support schools, colleges, alternative provisions, Local Authorities and Housing providers to better meet the needs of our members. We hold these institutions accountable in regards to their policies.

  • Legal 

  • Educational

  • Local Authority Care & Housing

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