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4FRONT VOICES - Testimony: Silenced in the Legal Process

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

By 4FRONT member (anonymised):

If judges were to see how the police actually work, they would know how it really is out here. They wouldn’t only be listening to their side of the story all the time. If they saw what the police do everyday and listened, it would mean that innocent people aren’t sent to prison. The judges would hear the other side of the story.

Judges always listen to the police more than us. They believe the police’s side more than mine all the time. I’ve seen it. Whenever the police are talking or giving a statement the judges will be so into it, like it's true. Then, when my solicitor talks on my behalf, they’re not really interested in what he or I have to say.

Even the prosecutor - judges always listen to the prosecutor way more. Does the prosecutor work with the police? It’s their job to get you down. Maybe the prosecutor doesn’t see what the police actually do out there. Either way, if they did see it, they would still probably try and do you. It’s their job.

I’ve seen it in the way the police describe me. “He’s gang-related, high risk of offending” and that. It’s all just talk. There’s no proof of it. I might have one or two minor offences, but they make out like I’m some big criminal so the judge goes “jail, jail, jail”. The system is *@%*!& mate. The prosecutor paints me as some big-time dangerous person, which makes them not even want to hear my side.

They don’t even let you talk in court, unless the judge asks you questions. In court today, when my solicitor was talking, I tried to add some points. The circle of guards were all around me telling me to “shush”. Like, why can’t I talk to the judge or say what I want? They were moving like I’m saying some madting. Then, when the judge asked me a question, I tried to answer and they were still not letting me answer the question properly. They didn’t even let me talk. The system is rigged. They weren’t even trying to hear it.

If I was allowed to properly speak to the judge, I reckon they wouldn’t send me to prison. I’d be able to tell them what really happened, so they’re not only hearing what the prosecutor or the police have to say. We need to make a change, it needs to be done. Judges need to be shown how the police really move. But then again, there are videos all over the internet of the police doing bull*@!&. I’m sure judges see them, yet still do nothing. There needs to be a change, still

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