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HIRING: Head of Campaigns & Policy

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

If you have a strong understanding of the impact of the violence, racial inequity and systemic injustice on marginalised communities and are passionate about empowering those most affected to create a change, then we can’t wait to hear from you! This is an exciting time to join our dedicated team. You can download each application pack below.

Head of Campaigns and Policy (4FP204)

We are looking for a formidable Head of Campaigns and Policy to develop our transformative campaigning work and support young change makers to take the lead. You care deeply about revolutionising society and are personally invested in fighting for justice and equity. You have a deep understanding of the impacts of policy on everyday life. You can hold emotion and know how to create safe spaces for people to explore their experiences and build their sense of identity. You have experience working on campaigns that transform policy. You are well networked, already a part of groups that are tackling social justice issues and keen to actively research and network with other organisations that will become our partners and allies. You understand the power of effective communication to change minds and have interesting and unique ideas about how to get a message across. You have worked or volunteered as a mentor and you’re dedicated to tackling social justice issues. You are comfortable with conflict and have experience of managing difficult conversations to successful resolutions. You see courage in vulnerability and believe in building the resilience of young people. Most importantly, you are committed to peace and you fundamentally believe in the potential to change, both at an individual and societal level. You will be a visionary leader, seeing your work at The 4Front Project as a crucial part of your identity and purpose in life. You will be committed to upholding our vision, mission, principles and values at all times. You will be bold, actively contributing to a workplace culture that centres justice, healing, change and hope. You will play a fundamental role in supporting The 4Front Project to change society for the better.

4FRONT Head of Campaigns and Policy JD 4
Download • 2.19MB

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